Pastor: Kel Penny

Kel came to Water's Edge in July of 2017. Kel grew up in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2006 with a degree in Religious Studies. He also holds two degrees from Asbury Theological Seminary, a Master's of Arts in Theological Studies and a Master's of Divinity. When it comes to church, Kel loves teaching people new ways to interpret the Bible, connecting with people in the community and only working on Sundays (Ha!).  Outside of church Kel is kind of nerdy. He leads dungeons and dragons games with a group of high school students at the library, loves action and hero movies, and has been known to read entire series of sci-fi and fantasy books without stopping. Kel loves spending time with family and exploring all that this beautiful world has to offer.  


Office Manager: Betty Zion

Betty began working at Water's Edge in 2011. Some great perks about Betty's job are the smiling children who come through the front doors and wave to her each morning on their way to We Play & Learn Daycare Center. Betty loves the natural landscape right outside her window and the folks at Water's Edge who are some of her best friends and teachers. Betty loves to chat with folks over a cup of coffee; every person has a story to tell. You can usually find Betty at the desk in the front office (with coffee) or enjoying conversation with someone in The Commons.

Betty Zion


Children's Pastor: Leanne Penny

Leanne is the newest addition to the Water's Edge staff coming on board in October of 2017. Leanne has a degree in Youth Ministry and Bible from Kuyper College and brings a ton of fun and creativity to the staff of Water's Edge.  

Leanne Penny