Everyone loves to get away! 

Rest, freedom, peace. What if we could find these things every day? Come join us as we explore Road Trip, a series about finding God as we journey through life together. Series begins April 21

Week 1: We need a vacation!

We are busy and overwhelmed! A vacation gives us a break from these feelings, but a life lived with God helps us find that vacation peace everyday, no matter what.

Week 2: Where are we going?

Choosing the destination is a big decision that dictates what we’ll pack and when we’ll travel. When it comes to our daily lives, our destination must determine our daily choices and habits as well.

Week 3: Who’s coming along?

On the Road Trip of life we choose who we take on the journey, but we should never travel alone.

Week 4: Its not ALL about the destination, but ALSO the journey.

Road Trips create memories and pictures we’ll keep forever. These memories don’t just happen when we get there, but as we move forward, mile by mile. What memories are you making in your daily life, right where you are.

Week 5: Taking the trip.

Every Road Trip begins by getting in the car, planning the route, and deciding to go. Are you ready? Here’s how to take the next step forward in your journey of faith.